The 5 Top Places to Visit in Liberia

Liberia is not a very known country in the world. Very few people know that Liberia is an excellent place in West Africa to visit and explore. It is a great treat for adventurous travelers. There are some extremely astonishing places to visit in Liberia. The places might not be known to you at first but when you go there, you will get surprised by the utter beauty of those places. From beaches to wildlife, you get taste of every spot you want to see in Liberia.

These are The Top 5 places to see in Liberia:

1. Waterside Market in Monrovia:
Waterside market in Monrovia has almost everything to offer for sale. It is a crowded market and a busy shopping area. You can find almost everything to buy for example shoes, clothes, jewelry, pottery and much more. It is a city of humble and hospitable people. That is why, roaming about and around in waterside market make you feel at home town. With the noise of vendors selling products around the sidewalks, the market moves you with splendid energy. Nevertheless, dirt, garbage, mushy wet piles, open drains and pickpockets are the problems you have to bear.

2. Providence Island:
Providence Island is a cultural heritage of Liberia. It is located at the northeast of central Monrovia.  It is a fascinating place to visit for those who take interest in history. The history of Liberia is not complete without mentioning this unforgettable island. After migration from USA, freed slaves of America were the first one to land here on January 1, 1822. The trademark of this island is a 250 years old cotton tree, which is made up of weapons, that indicates the end of Liberia’s civil war.

3.  Kpatawee Waterfall:
It’s hot outside in Liberia. You want to have a chill pill? Kpatawee waterfall is the best option to beat the heat with a peaceful atmosphere. The waterfall is a bit of trek to go starting with a long drive and then an exhausting upstream hike through the jungle. But once you get in there, you forget all the tiredness and fatigue. You find calm and rest when you see exotically colored butterflies, the myriad of sounds of birds and a riot of green vegetation. Roaring Kpatawee waterfall through all this scenery makes you mesmerized. It is three in one; you can swim, picnic and rest your body there with your loved ones.

4. Sapo National Park: 
Sapo National Park, a 1,804 km area, will make you as wild as you want. The native and unique species of animals like leopards, giant forest hog, pygmy hippos, bee-eaters, African Civet, crocodile, tigers, white-crested Diana monkeys and Great Blue Turaco are worth watching in the country’s best nature reserve.  The journey is quite upsetting but at the end it will be worth your difficult ride. The whole feel is like you are watching a jungle-theme Hollywood movie.

5. Blue Lake:
A famous attraction in Liberia is blue lake. Come to see God’s miraculous creation which is surrounded by the mountains. It is a breathtaking sight when the sun’s reflection gives the lake a blue tint. The stagnant and calm water is a perfect mirror of the surrounding mountains. The blue lake shores are also very tempting and relaxing venue not only for residents of country but for tourists as well. A four wheeled drive vehicle is recommended to go to the Blue Lake, Liberia.

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