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With 560 kilometers (350 miles) of coastline, from Aflao in the Volta Region all the way to Cape Three Points in the Western Region, Ghana offers you a wide range of amazing beaches. The diversity is enormous. From beautiful white, sandy beaches to idyllic bays and lagoons, you can be sure to find a beach that will blow your mind.

In and around Accra

Labadi Beach

If you can’t wait to mingle with the locals and appreciate a wide variety of entertainment, the popular Labadi Beach is the place to be. Right in the middle of Accra, you can enjoy life music, street food, horseback riding, play football or even have a pedicure while sipping your beer and watching the fun. Do note the red flags on the beach indicating the safest place to swim. The main entrance to the beach is between Labadi Beach Hotel and La Palm Beach Hotel on the main beach road. Entrance fee from Monday to Friday GHC3 , Saturday and Sunday GHC5.

Bojo Beach

At a 30 minute drive west of Accra you will find the quiet Bojo Beach. A strip of white, sandy beach with the ocean on one side and the lagoon on the other side. The small restaurant/bar serves a variety of refreshments (do note it is not allowed to bring your own food/drinks). At the entrance you pay GHC20 entrance fee and then you will be rowed across the lagoon to enter the beach.


A little bit further on the road past Bojo Beach you will reach Kokrobite, which is a popular destination outside Accra. The beach of Kokrobite itself is not very impressive but if you walk a bit to the left or right you will find a place to relax and enjoy the beach. You can access the beach at Big Milly’s, a popular place for young expats and local rastas. Right around the corner of Big Milly’s is Kokrobite Garden, which serves delicious pizza’s, pasta’s and salads in a lush garden.


East of Accra

Ada Foah

At 1,5 hour drive from Accra, where the Volta River meets the ocean, you will find the stunning Ada Foah. On the right side you can have a nice stroll along the rough ocean beach however swimming there is not advisable. There are several hotels along the river side to your left, which offer beach access. At the river side you can enjoy watching the local fisherman working hard on their daily catch, or the rich and famous speeding by on their jet ski’s or practicing their water ski talents. If you would like to take some sailing lessons, The Ghana Sailing Club is located on the riverside. You can even ask around for some local guides who will take you on a tour along the river.



Central Region

Brenu Beach

Located 15 minutes from Elmina, Brenu Beach offers a beautiful stretch of white, clean beach dotted with palm trees. The perfect place if you like a quiet and serene beach.



Western Region

Busua Beach

The Western region is famous for its beautiful, tropical beaches. The most popular beach is Busua Beach. At approximately 45 minutes drive west of Takoradi you will find a long, sandy beach that stretches for miles. A wide variety of restaurants, bars and hotels give you direct access to the beach. You can rent a jet-ski at the Busua Beach Resort or take some surfing lessons at the Surf School. Enjoy swimming and boarding which is relatively safe here and some of the hotels have life guards on duty.

Miemia Beach

A beautiful, idyllic, secluded beach 15 km off the Takoradi-Elubo Road. Nestled in a deep bay bordered by rocky coves, Miemia offers safe swimming and snorkeling. At the end of the year you might see migrating whales (August – February) and dolphins (July-November). Special tours are offered by Kedas Lodge.


Princess Town Beach

Relax and enjoy sunbathing or drinking from a coconut under a large palm tree at this beautiful, clean undisturbed beach off the beaten track. Feel free to help the local fishermen to draw in their nets. Please be careful swimming since the ocean can be very dangerous here. You will find Princess Town Beach off the Takoradi-Elubo road.

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