Located on the borders of Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire, Mount Nimba is the perfect place for all the adventurers and hikers. Mount Nimba is Liberia’s tallest peak, 1362m above sea level. It can be climbed and it is possible to camp along the way if you have your own equipment. It can be cooler and misty at the peak. The wettest months are April to October, especially in August and September. In January and February it is dry and dusty winds blow from the desert. There is no village on the mountains, which have been partly protected due to resident spirits that are said to roam around the area. There is some evidence of former village sites, which are now covered in green.
The mountain is well studied compared to many other mountains in Africa, taxonomically, geologically, botanically and zoologically. However, less is known about the specific habitats and ecology. Tourism is formally prohibited within the nature reserves, only limited access is possible in the Bossou Hills, a Biosphere Reserve Core Area.

The dense forest on the slopes provide cool shade and the foot of grassy mountain pastures afford a pleasurable time to all those who visit.



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