Iles de Los guinea

Just outside the coast of Conakry lies the beautiful Illes de Los which is made up of six small islands but the three major once are Kassa, Roume and Tamara. With beautiful sandy beaches, great restaurants and relaxed laid back people, its offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Conakry. Its only a short boat-ride (15- 60 minutes pending on which island you go to) and as you cross over the waves you feel how you begin to relax. Kassa and Roume are the most easily visited islands that also offers the most services such as hotels and restaurants. Besides the beautiful and relaxed setting the islands also offer interesting history; Kassa has for centuries been known for its ship making and ship repairs, which is still visible when you visit the island, and Roume is rumoured to have inspired the novel Treasure Island.

To get to the islands you can either choose to charter an entire boat or do as most people and use the public boats that cross to the islands several times a day. The Islands are best to visit in the dry season (November to May).



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