Ducor hotel liberia
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Hotel Ducor used to be one of the most prominent hotels not only in Liberia but in the whole Africa. It was built in 1960 on the highest point of Monrovia, the 5-star hotel had 106 rooms and it was eight stories high. Ducor was the first hotel in Liberia with international standards and to be considered a luxury hotel. It had a good reputation among politicians, diplomats and businessmen. It had a French restaurant, swimming pool and tennis courts. It closed in 1989, before the coup of Charles Taylor which led to the First Liberian Civil War. The hotel was looted and damaged and it remains abandoned until today.

A 5-star hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that was demolished during the civil wars is still the site of wonderment for many, despite just being ruins. All you need is to witness the sunset and stunning view of Monrovia once from the roof to keep visiting the place again and again.



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