daltons banana island guesthouse
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Banana Island does not have any big hotel but offers surprisingly diversified accommodation options. Four lodges, three of which are beach resort style presently operate at Banana Island and cater for different budgets. The resort emphasizes in value for money service for all accommodation options with the clear view that that Banana Island is a destination packed with leisure activities, more than anywhere else in Sierra Leone. The opportunity to spend less on accommodation and much more on exciting undertakings will make Banana Island a memorable destination and place it on top of the list of your holiday in Sierra Leone.  All rooms, beddings, bathrooms are kept clean without being undermined by the “budget” philosophy on accommodation.

On the other hand the lodge’s restaurant has set out high targets from the start, offering a gastronomical experience to the visitors. Having taken the comment “best food in Sierra Leone we had so far” seriously we responsibly tried to keep up to the standard despite the limitations due to the remoteness of Banana Island. The resort’s focal points for relaxation are the ocean viewing canopy platform, the palm tree hammock area and of course the secluded Banjoko, one of the two picturesque beaches of Banana Island. This quiet guesthouse cherishes the sounds of the birds from the dense forest surrounding it, merged with the ocean waves that make set the background for ultimate relaxation. No loud music and when possible always favor the silent solar power over the use of our generators.


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