Blue Lake is four kilometres away from Tubmanburg, the capital city of Bomi County, or 72 kilometres west of Monrovia.
Mining activities that were once carried out here have largely shaped the mountains surrounding Blue Lake.There is a steeper, trickier rocky trail behind the town of Bomi. There’s also a small bottled water company here that sells ‘Blue Lake Bottled Water’. The water has been tested and found clean and pure. Tubmanburg is a town nearby. it is possible to do the Blue Lake as a day-trip, with Monrovia as start. The drive takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. There can be traffic around Duala Market. Tubmanburg itself is rather not a place to stay at longer rather just to pass to get to the lake.

Have you ever been actually lost in the serenity of water? If not, then a blue lake, taking its name from the amazing blue quality of its water, will leave you in soothing thoughts for a long time.



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