Coconut Oil: The Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil: The Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil

In western societies coconut oil is becoming more and more known for its benefits. It is seen as novel product, but has actually been in use for centuries among people in West Africa.The oil is extracted from the coconut flesh or copra. Over generations, the secret benefits have been passed on from the village elders to the young ones. In most West African countries coconuts are omnipresent and therefore very cheap. In Europe and the USA, especially the extracted products such as the oil are marketed at high prices, justified by production companies for the many benefits that the oil offers.

The oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids, which are caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid. The combination of these fats makes the coconut oil a great choice for health conscious people.

To keep your body healthy, it is best to use products free of synthetic chemicals and less processed products. Coconut oil has the highest amount of nutrients, when it is virgin, organically grown, unrefined and unprocessed. Only then it can be ensured that the oil is unbleached and cold pressed in contrast to heat extracted oil where many nutrients are lost. Fats usually take longer to digest as they go through a long breakdown process. This is not the case with coconut oil, which despite its energy density is easier and faster digestible and offers the right amount of energy when needed. Further, coconut oil is not stored straight as fat deposits around your belly and hips, but gets better metabolized by the liver to use it as instantly available energy for various body functions. It is often used by athletes as it promotes the digestion of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Frequently, omega-3 fatty acids are combined in capsules with coconut oil as food supplement.

Here are 7 benefits of coconut oil:

  1. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components. It is used especially to fight off candida bacteria, which can cause stomach acid imbalances and lead to inflammations and stomach ulcers. Further, it prevents yeast infections.
  2. The delicious taste, odor and anti-bacterial component makes coconut oil as well the perfect lubricant for intimate and sensual massages as it provides the right amount of moisture to any part of your body.
  3. Coconut oil provides as well benefits to your oral health as it flushes bad bacteria away and thus prevents gum diseases. It is recommended to brush the oil on your teeth and gums three times weekly.
  4. Lauric acid, contained in the oil fights off hormonal imbalances among women and men. It promotes the estrogen production and shows benefits among menopausal women.
  5. An improved brain function can be seen in elderly people leading to better memory functions, especially because the oil provides direct energy to the brain. Insulin is not involved and thus neurons are targeted directly.
  6. Women with long hair will love the moisturizing benefits to tackle hair damage and dandruff. The oil helps detangle curly hair.
  7. On top of it, coconut oil can protect against aggressive UV light and serves as mild sun protection.

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