Benefits of Baobab Fruit

The baobab fruit grows on the respective tree. It comes from Africa and is also called Tree of Life. It’s very popular especially in Guinea. The fruit is considered a super fruit with all its nutrients. A characteristic of the fruit is that it dries while it still hangs on the branches. Simply speaking, the appearance can be compared with a coconut as it also has a hard outer pod and is brown in color. The fruit is dry inside with a powdery pulp. It has some resemblance with the texture of marshmallows. The inside of the baobab fruit has all the nutrients, which are a mixture of vitamins and minerals. The unique blend is responsible for the benefits that it can add to your health and well-being. Make it part of your diet today and reap the benefits tomorrow!


Here are 8 benefits of baobab fruit that you should know:

1. Helps you reach your ideal weight

The fiber-rich fruits ease digestion. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. They give you the feeling of longer fullness without becoming bloated. The result is that you do not get hungry too fast and tend to have less appetite. The fruit reduces the absorption of sugar molecules into the body. Thus less sugar can be converted inside your body into fat. Overweight and obesity can be prevented and the weight controlled.

 2. Gives your skin a radiant look

Vitamin C and antioxidants supply your skin with the necessary micro nutrients for a beautiful skin. It will stay smooth, hydrated and wrinkle-free for longer. The ant-inflammatory compounds also make sensitive skin more resistant to chemicals and harsh weather conditions.

3. Builds strong and durable teeth and bones

Calcium is a mineral known to be essential for teeth and bone structure. The content is higher than in milk. Eating baobab fruit over an extended period may prevent dental cavities and osteoporosis in bones, especially among women.

4. Improves mother’s and baby’s health

Folic acid and iron are essential for a healthy fetal development. Both are part of baobab fruits, as well as vitamin C which is necessary for the absorption of these minerals. In addition, both the expecting mother and fetus are protected better against the risk of infections as it improves the immune system.

5. Good for your heart

Potassium regulates the blood pressure and at the same time supports a healthy heart. Fibers lower the cholesterol and therefore indirectly prevent heart conditions. Further, baobab fruit also keeps your heart functioning because it is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

6. Prevention and treatment of arthritis

As baobab fruits counteract inflammations, they are also helpful to prevent and treat arthritis. In that case an inflammation occurs in the joints.

7. Prevention of diabetes

The sugars in baobab fruits are known to be well accepted ones for people living with diabetes. They do not produce an instant spike, but gradually raise the blood sugar. The soluble fibers ensure that less sugar gets absorbed in your intestines.

8. Relaxes your brain and muscles

Vitamin B is an important one as it relaxes your brain and muscles. The nervous system can be controlled better, as the vitamin ensures a balance between rest phases and times where a higher performance and sharp mind are necessary.


Written by: Benjamin Sydney Pretsch

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